WizOne Solutions Winter Update

Update: I’ve also sponsored DrupalCamp NJ (http://www.drupalcampnj.org/sponsors/fill-pdf-service) at the Silver level.

I wondered what I should call this post, and the title I picked seemed to fit. It’s been some time since I’ve written a proper blog post about my attendance to (or sponsorship of) camps. I’ve definitely tweeted about it, but the blog posts have been lagging behind. Time passes, and opportunities do too. I think I’d be beating a dead horse to try and catch up now. I’d rather just list the highlights since around July:

  1. Was an individual sponsor of DrupalCamp LA (http://2011.drupalcampla.com/sponsors/wizone-solutions) and attended. Presented on hooks with Oliver Seldman and subbed in for Christefano’s presentation (http://2011.drupalcampla.com/sessions/professional-staging-and-deployment-todays-best-and-worst-practices). Also scored a great new photo courtesy of Sawako Leslie (thanks!).
  2. Attended my first DrupalCon…in London (ahem, Croydon)! I also did an individual sponsorship for that (http://london2011.drupal.org/sponsor/wizone-solutions) and ran a couple informal discussion sessions (BOFs).
  3. Experienced Drutober with nearly back-to-back DrupalCamps.The first was the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit. This was a pretty cool event (yeah, sponsored this also. See a trend? http://pnwdrupalsummit.org/sponsors/wizone-solutions). It was targeted more at developers, apparently, and it was really well organized. I mean really well. Everything just went so smoothly and was so professionally done. My paltry $50 (OK, $200 total) was worth every penny.

    The second camp was the Bay Area Drupal Camp, a.k.a. BADCamp. (Individual sponsorship in profile: http://2011.badcamp.net/attendees/wizonesolutions.) I had to work for this one (the Coder Lounge was around 15 minutes away from the sessions), but it was worth it, and I made some new acquaintances. My session on Fill PDF also made it in at the last second (http://2011.badcamp.net/program/sessions/fill-pdf-module-web-form-data-completed-pdf-form-out). That was surprising, but cool, and the presentation went pretty well.

    Drutober was interesting because it was the first time I went to DrupalCamps with concrete goals. I think that helped me get more out of it.

  4. SANDcamp 2012 (two sponsorships! https://www.sandcamp.org/sponsors#block-views-sponsors-block-11 and https://www.sandcamp.org/sponsors/fill-pdf-service) and DrupalCamp NJ (individual sponsor; see this page: http://www.drupalcampnj.org/event/attendees) are coming next.

So it’s been an interesting year. In the coming year, I’m hoping to polish up Fill PDF Service and make it properly rock. That’s part of the reason for trying to ramp up the marketing a bit. We’ll see how it goes!

(And I’ll try to write more.)