WizOne Solutions values honesty, openness, and, most importantly, everyone’s time. That is why I publish my rate and pricing openly. While I’m unable to provide an upfront price for everything, this page should help you understand what you will be able to get for your budget—or to ask for budget!

These rates were last updated in March 2018. Prices are listed in USD, but I accept several other currencies.

For more information about what I can do, see my Solutions page.

Standard Hourly Rate (SHR): $110

I charge the SHR for:

  • Consulting (general advice, open source strategy consulting)
  • Project discovery, specification development, BDD
  • Most custom web and software development
  • Ongoing/infrequent maintenance and enhancements1
  • Automated test development
  • Rescue projects2
  • Performance troubleshooting (if the complexity makes it hard to give an upfront price)
  • and whenever the full extent of work on a project isn’t clear, or there are many variables that affect the complexity.

I sometimes give discounts. No harm in getting in touch and asking.

Community/Open Source Hourly Rate (CHR): $100

I like working on open source, so I charge a lower rate for open source sponsorship. If you need a particular feature in an open source tool or library, this is what you need.

It’s not for longer-term or custom integration work (making it work with your specific site). That is charged at the SHR.

Plans and Packages

Support agreements From $499/mo. for 5 reserved hours

  • Requests acknowledged within 48 hours and looked at within 5 business days3.
  • Billed monthly from start date or on first of month, as agreed.
  • Additional hours charged at SHR when you signed up. It won’t increase while your agreement is active. (Billed at end of month.)
  • Additional hours subject to availability.

Drupal security update monitoring: $50 per site for setup*, then $7.50 per month per site for monitoring

  • Currently available for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.
  • You’ll receive a report about available security updates (optionally all updates).
  • Most security updates can be installed for $59/module.
    • Security updates that need additional work/troubleshooting over what can be done within 30 minutes are charged at the SHR for the overage.
    • If you have a support agreement, you can also use time from that.
  • * The setup fee can be deducted from your support agreement hours instead (approximately 30 minutes).

Performance troubleshooting: From $499 per small/medium issue

  • Intended for situations where the problem is fairly clear, and you know when/where it happens but not how to fix it.
  • More complex performance troubleshooting is treated as hourly consulting (you’ll be advised of this in advance).

Code review (per site/project/app):

Small: $299 (example: a Node.js microservice; a single Drupal site with up to 5 custom modules)
Medium: $499 (example: an Express backend mostly used for DB interaction and a frontend application; a Drupal site with up to 15 custom modules)
Large: $999 (example: a complex Meteor application; a Drupal site with many custom modules; a decoupled/headless Drupal site)

  • Unsure how big your project is? Get in touch, and I’ll take a quick look for free, then tell you which package is best.
  • If unsure of project size, this service is also available hourly at the SHR.
  • Some projects are too big to evaluate at an upfront price. In such cases, I will suggest that we handle it on an hourly basis.

Infrastructure (server setup/DevOps) review (per website/web application):

Small: $299 (example: a Pantheon/Acquia Cloud/ site)
Medium: $399 (example: a site on a VPS/dedicated server, potentially load-balanced)
Large: $799 (example: more complex infrastructure using platform-specific services such as DigitalOcean Volumes or advanced AWS configurations)

  • The notes under Code Review above apply here too.

Project review: Get in touch for a quote

  • I can also analyze both code and infrastructure for your project and give you a more complete picture of the project quality. Get in touch for a quote. It is cheaper to do both at once.

Specific FillPDF feature: Get in touch for a quote

  • For well-defined FillPDF features, I can sometimes give an upfront quote.

Other Drupal and open-source development: Get in touch for a quote

  • For a well-defined scope of work, I can sometimes give an upfront quote.

Specific Solutions

Self-hosted centralized log server (ElasticSearch, FluentD, Kibana): $400 (basic setup)

  • Configuration of log forwarding: $45 per server
  • Additional configuration, assistance with application logging: SHR

FillPDF Solutions

See FillPDF Service Consulting and FillPDF Service Hosting.

Payment options

Prices are listed in USD.
I also accept: EUR (euros), NOK (Norwegian Kroner), GBP (British Pounds), AUD (Australian Dollars).


1 You might be able to save with a support plan—see Plans and Packages.
2 Assuming they can be done within my normal schedule; if you need rush/emergency work, I may be able to do it at twice the rate (minimum 1 hour).
3 Will be longer during holidays and vacations. When this happens, you’ll be informed in advance.