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Fixing duplicate field collection item references in Drupal due to Content Translation bug

I just left a comment in the Field Collection issue queue and thought it’d be good to spread it more widely; maybe people need this fix.

For anyone still getting burned by this bug (or for that matter getting burned by using Node Clone on nodes with field collections), first apply my previous patch (or bderubinat’s, but I haven’t tested that one). That will stop further damage.

To repair your previous entries and ensure that, for example, removing a field collection entry doesn’t remove it from other nodes from which you didn’t want it removed, you can implement this script I’ve detailed in a gist: https://gist.github.com/wizonesolutions/5567549

It will give new item_ids to field collection items that it detects as appearing more than once. All my testing has indicated this is safe, but if not, please leave a comment on the gist. I hope this helps someone.

Thanks to Project Ricochet for sponsoring my time on this.

Cloning Content Types in D7 – Errata

Update: You may also want to check out the Bundle Copy module. I haven’t tried it yet, so let me know in the comments if it works!

Recently, I read the Stanford Tech Commons article on Cloning a Content Type in D7 at https://techcommons.stanford.edu/topics/drupal-7x/cloning-content-type-d7. It proposes a simple but (mostly) effective way  to wind up with cloned content types in Drupal 7. Summarized:

Developer musings – should I put them here or on a separate site?

Hi there – a question for you! Answer it in the comments.

I have lots of stuff I could potentially share and that I run into all the time. I’ve been holding off on blogging too much here because I’m not sure if it would fit the page.

I see on other developer’s sites though that they often just combine it all up – portfolio, musings blog, and the works. But I don’t want the site to get too busy either.

Given that the problem of it being too busy is currently non-existent, I might just go this way, because I’m sure a lot of you developer-types reading this have the same questions I do, and when I find out stuff, it would be great to share.

Let me know what you think though, if you want. I’ll weigh in any comments I get.