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UPDATED: Weird fix for CCK fields not appearing with Display Suite (Drupal 6)

Update: Oops, this wasn’t the problem at all. It was actually with the Content Permissions module. Forgot the site was using it! Pretty embarrassing 🙂

I just went through quite a struggle getting my CCK fields to appear on my Display Suite-managed node. I finally succeeded, though, in the end, and thought I would share the solution.

Don’t worry, there isn’t much to read: just disable and re-enable the Node Displays CCK (nd_cck) module found within in the Node Displays Contributions module.

I initially tried disabling and re-enabling all Display Suite-related modules, but that didn’t work. For some reason, however, disabling and re-enabling that specific one did.

Hope this solves someone’s problem!

(To read my full rant, check out this issue comment and the ones below.)

Drupal Design Camp LA 2011 Badges

WizOne Solutions is happy to have helped make Drupal Design Camp LA 2011 attendee badges a reality.

Go to the badges page to get yours and show people you’re coming.

(…or came, as the case may be.)

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Thanks L.A. Drupal for the opportunity to contribute!