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DONATION MADE. THANKS! Patreon pledge = 2x-6x donation to Drupal Association until April 29 #DrupalCares

Update: https://wizone.solutions/2020/04/29/its-a-wrap-patreon-pledges-have-been-doubled-and-donated-to-the-drupal-association-drupalcares-and-fillpdf-works-with-drupal-9/

As you might have seen me tweet, I’ve recently started Patreon and Ko-Fi pages. The goal of these is to let me spend more time working on open source (primarily, but not only, the FillPDF Drupal module and FillPDF LocalServer).

Not long after, Vanessa and Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal, announced his matching pledge, in which he would match up to $100,000 of individual memberships and donations.

Then Jeff Geerling pledged to donate $1 per like of his #DrupalCares video.

As if that wasn’t enough, a coalition of Drupal businesses also pledged to match the first $100,000 donated.


So, I’m joining the crowd:

If you become a member of my Patreon page (click here to go there), I will donate two times your April pledge to the Drupal Association. (For example, if you pledge $5, I will donate $10.)


If the #DrupalCares Match Challenge total is still under $100,000, Vanessa and Dries Buytaert and a coalition of Drupal businesses will each, in turn, match that, making it six times your pledge.


I will do this for the first $500 of supporters, for a total donation of $1,000 ($3,000 if fully matched).


I will also post and share a blog giving credit to all of the supporters.


There’s no obligation to remain a Patreon supporter, but if you use the FillPDF module or anything else I’ve contributed code to on Drupal.orgGitHub, or elsewhere, it will help me do more. I’m hoping some new supporters will remain supporters.



  • I’ll be making the donation on April 29.
  • My business, FillPDF Service, uses the FillPDF module, but it is not the only way to use the module, so the open source community still benefits from me working on it. It also makes use of open source itself. For example, I published the Commerce Recurring Metered Billing module as part of an upgrade I’m working on.