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Drupal in 2020

This post is the expansion of a tongue-in-cheek IRC conversation I had the other day. I thought it’d be fun to blog about it because, while it’s mostly just humorous, it actually does cover some of the issues Web Developers encounter while developing in Drupal (or in many other platforms). So, walk with me if you will, into the year 2020 and how your Drupal project might unfold then…

*space-agey whooshing sound*

First Drupal 7 patch review!

Let it be forever chronicled here that this was my first Drupal core patch review: http://drupal.org/node/1089320#comment-4227080

Since I kept saying that I had installed Drupal 8, I thought that I should put that installation to good use. And, as they say, it’s best to start small, right?

Hopefully, this will be the start, and not the end.

Sponsor Fill PDF’s “Send as Email” Feature

Just a quick note that I’ve started a ChipIn jar for this Fill PDF issue: Automatically email the PDF upon generation.

The amount is just $160. I think this would let me set aside the time to implement this feature or document how to achieve it with existing Drupal modules. I know this has been a “pain point” for a few people (I’ve even had two separate work offers for it!) That’s why I figured that, given a chance to sponsor this, people might be up for it.

All contributors will be thanked personally on my blog, Twitter account, and for a little while at least on the Fill PDF project page.

So why wait? Contribute!

Meetup module now exists as Drupal sandbox project

Now that Drupal has migrated to Git, sandbox projects are available!

I’ve gone ahead and made one for the Meetup module. It contains zero lines of code…but maybe not for long?

Anyway, you can find it at: http://drupal.org/sandbox/wizonesolutions/1073008. Go ahead and open issues with features you’d like to see…or ignore it till it becomes a full project 🙂

My First L.A. Drupal Presentation – Coder Upgrade and Drupal 7 Gotchas

Update (18-Feb-2011): I’ve added corrections (errata) for the talk at the bottom of the post.

A couple nights ago was a pretty exciting “first” for me. I gave a presentation at the Downtown L.A. Drupal Drupal meetup in Downtown L.A. You may remember me posting about my first lightning talk(s) a few weeks ago. This was my first longer presentation. Granted, 17:25 is not that long, but it certainly is long-er.

Without further ado, here is the presentation:

Drupal Design Camp LA 2011 Conference Report

Since Ashok summed up the Design Camp pretty well, I won’t harp too long on things. The BarCamp-style conference took place on February 5 and 6, 2011. I helped make Web attendee badges for it.

In short, it was pretty awesome, and it was nice to refresh my theming skills and get some perspective on the latest trends. In fact, there’s a high chance already that I’ll be using what I learned about @font-face really soon to move a site away from using Cufón for the non-Web font.

Ah, and speaking of the typography presentation – at the end of it, I won a free license for Balsamiq Mockups! I can’t wait to take it for a spin. Thank you Balsamiq, and thank you Four Kitchens for getting ahold of it as a prize!

It seems like I attended most of the same presentations as Ashok…so see his thoughts for my thoughts.

One other experience I had, though, which was helpful, was getting to talk to Emma Jane Hogbin about a theming issue I was having. It quickly turned into bouncing it off a couple of the people at Top Notch Themes, and Sheena gave me a tip that I eventually wound up using – talk the client out of a certain part of the spec unless they wanted to pay for it. Ashok also sent me some code he had used and which I then modified to pretty much meet requirements.

It was pretty cool being able to take a real-world problem to a Drupal event and get some tips on it. I’ll definitely be attending the net local Design Camp.

And, as always, you can find me at the Downtown and Inland Empire Drupal meetups in the Greater L.A. area. Occasionally, you can find me at the Westside main meetup as well. You can keep tabs on when they are happening here: http://groups.drupal.org/la

Hung out with the Lullabots at the L.A. Drupal Release Party on January 21, 2011

Here’s my report from the “late” Drupal 7 release party in L.A. with Angie Byron (webchick) from Lullabot. Angie is also the branch maintainer for Drupal 7.

The party was definitely a good networking event, and I got to talk more with more of the LA Drupal members. I also had the chance to talk to Angie and ask her about how to get involved in contributing to core. Her advice was useful.

SANDCamp 2011 Conference Report

They say better late than never, and, since it isn’t never yet, here is my report on the very exciting SANDCamp 2011.

Where to begin? Perhaps a day-by-day breakdown of the action-packed weekend would work best.

Now providing IRC support! Solved a couple problems already

So, since about 3 days ago, I’ve started providing some support on IRC! Basically, ever since Four Kitchens presented on open-source and no-cost tools for collaboration and mentioned that serious Drupal professionals needed to be on IRC, I decided I’d leave ChatZilla on and hang around on IRC. This led to me starting to answer people’s Drupal questions, and before I knew it, I was suddenly giving support!

It’s actually been quite a good experience. I’ve helped a few people solve their problems. Best of all, I was able able to check the, “I give support on IRC” checkbox in my Drupal.org profile!

Without further ado, let’s look at what giving support on IRC is like!

Drupal 7 Tips: Fixing “$ is not an object” in JavaScript code

(I almost named this, “Drupal 7 wants you to use $ for money, not your jQuery.)

I ran into an API change issue yesterday when working on upgrading Fill PDF to be fully Drupal 7-compatible, and just today, someone on IRC ran into the same issue. She suggested that “somebody” write a blog post about it, so I thought I would. I hope it saves some random Internet searcher a few hairs.

Basically, you can no longer use jQuery’s shortcut variable $ in Drupal 7 instead of the full jQuery variable.