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I’ve open-sourced Spendflow; it’s a Meteor.js application

Spendflow, an application I’ve been developing on and off over the past year, is now open-source. What is perhaps more interesting is that it’s a Meteor application developed in CoffeeScript. Although Meteor is gaining traction and nearing 1.0, there are still not that many published applications built in Meteor.

I hope Spendflow will be a good example of how to structure a Meteor application of its kind (or that community feedback will soon make it so).

Get the code on GitHub: https://github.com/spendflow/spendflow

Read the full post on the Spendflow blog.

Meetup API Tools Seek Co-Maintainer, Further Developments Possible

Always wanted to entitle something like that. Anyway, I’m certainly not getting anywhere fast on PHP Meetup API Client or Meetup API on drupal.org.

There are issues on both expressing this. Reply to them or contact me.

Meetup API on drupal.org issue: http://drupal.org/node/1194532
GitHub issue: https://github.com/wizonesolutions/meetup_api/issues/4