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Meetup API Tools Seek Co-Maintainer, Further Developments Possible

Always wanted to entitle something like that. Anyway, I’m certainly not getting anywhere fast on PHP Meetup API Client or Meetup API on drupal.org.

There are issues on both expressing this. Reply to them or contact me.

Meetup API on drupal.org issue: http://drupal.org/node/1194532
GitHub issue: https://github.com/wizonesolutions/meetup_api/issues/4

Meetup module now exists as Drupal sandbox project

Now that Drupal has migrated to Git, sandbox projects are available!

I’ve gone ahead and made one for the Meetup module. It contains zero lines of code…but maybe not for long?

Anyway, you can find it at: http://drupal.org/sandbox/wizonesolutions/1073008. Go ahead and open issues with features you’d like to see…or ignore it till it becomes a full project 🙂

New Meetup API Drupal Module Released

It’s been a week of achievements over here. As I wrote, I accidentally became a co-maintainer of the Fill PDF module, and now I’ve finally released my own. You can view the Meetup API project page.

If you are a developer and want to integrate Meetup.com functionality and data with your site or that of a client, this module might be useful for you. Use it, improve it, contribute code back.


Just released – PHP Meetup API Client Alpha Version

It’s a bit late for me to write much on this, so I’ll write another post later on, but in short: http://github.com/wizonesolutions/meetup_api

Pull it down and contribute back if you want to see this grow 🙂 The README.txt that comes with it explains a bit about how it works.

But it doesn’t stop here. Next on the list is its companion Drupal module, of course! And maybe some other stuff as well, but that’s what I have planned so far.