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Presentation on hooks goes primetime!

Just chiming in to express excitement about my presentation on hooks in Drupal (Why Drupal uses hooks, and why you should too) got scheduled for the largest room in the venue! Looks like I’d better be doubly prepared.

Thanks again goes to Oliver Seldman for inviting me to co-present this with him originally and for all the help with the slides and content, especially the simplicity of the presentation. Please give him your money.

Attendee Badges for Drupal Camp Sacramento Area 2011 Now Available

Hi DCSA 2011 attendees,

I volunteered to create some attendee badges for the camp. You can put them on your site to show you’re attending and help spark interest in others. Find them here, complete with HTML embed code: Drupal Camp Sacramento Area 2011 Attendee Badges/

Catch me on Twitter @wizonesolutions if you need help or if you encounter issues with the code.