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First L.A. Drupal Lightning Talk – Fill PDF, views_get_view_result(), Meetup API, and NX Client

Finally getting around to posting about this. On December 14 at the monthly Downtown Los Angeles L.A. Drupal meetup, I gave my first “lightning talk”-style presentation. The meetup was heavily lightning-talk oriented, so I joined in and shared some of my experience.

As Christefano put it, it was really four lightning talks in one. I covered:

  • Fill PDF – what is it, what did I contribute to it? (pdftk integration), and where is it going? (I may be taking on a bigger role in it…details soon.)
  • Views – views_get_view_result() function – this is a shortcut to the usual four or five lines of code needed when you simply want the results of a Views query but don’t want to render the view. It returns an object whose members are named after the Views database aliases, and paging is not an issue. Very useful.
  • Meetup API – what is it currently, where is it going, quick sample of it in action on my internal testing module. Keep an eye out for Meetup functionality showing up on ladrupal.org!
  • NX Client – Someone from the audience asked what I was remoted into while presenting. It was a physical Linux machine running NX Server Free Edition, and I was accessing it with the NX Client for Windows. Very useful, convenient, and fast way to remote into Linux machines. Works over SSH, so doesn’t require many port forwards on the router.

It was great to present something, and I hope to do it again soon. For now, though, I can’t wait to attend the presentations at SANDCamp 2011. Don’t forget that you can meet me at SANDCamp 2011 and get some free Drupal help. I’ll be in the Drupal Doctor station as well. No one has contacted me about it yet, so why not be the first?